Printable Diaper Coupons – Huggies, Pampers and other popular diaper brands

Top Diaper Brands

Diapers have been in great demand from the beginning of time. Over the years, parents used various materials especially from natural resources to make different types diapers. The disposable diapers that we know today only came into being during the fifties. Nowadays, many diaper brands are available which have grown to great lengths since the items were introduced. Thanks to technological advances, the manufacturers are using some cutting edge materials to make disposable diapers. Continue reading to find about the top diaper brands today.
There are many popular diaper brands on the market and they are readily available in local and online stores. Like most mothers, you have to test the different brands and even combine several options for certain occasions if you what the best diapers for your baby.

Some of the Top Diaper Brands

Let’s start with Pampers brand from Procter & Gamble as this is probably the most popular and widely used diapers around. Pampers has continued to be the number one choice in the diaper industry because they also provide several innovative solutions such as a rash guard diaper to help prevent and treat diaper rash as well as a lotion top sheet to protect babies skin. The first set of Pampers was bulky and heavy, but the latest ones are much more comfortable.

The next leading diaper brand is Huggies and they are also known for creating innovative products. Huggies have introduced new diaper products continuously over the years to satisfy the changing demands. Some the innovative improvements include diapers with materials for extra comfort, to avoid diaper rash, to offer more natural fit and improved skin wellness. You will have a wide array of products from the Huggies line to choose from if you want to enjoy these benefits.

Luvs brand is one of the top diaper brands with superb quality products. This is also a Procter & Gamble product. These diapers offer excellent leakage protection, soft feel, a fresh smell and are very absorbent. They also come with additional elastic features to offer a nice fit. In the beginning, Luvs was marketed as a deluxe brand name, but it is now a budget product.

Recently some of the alternative brands have become extremely popular among the eco-friendly shoppers. Seventh Generation is at the top of this list. This diaper is free of chlorine and non-toxic substances, plus they are less irritating for the baby’s skin. These chlorine-free diapers are not only gentler for the sensitive baby’s skin but also less harmful for the environment.

Now that you know about some of the top diaper brands, you can get the best products for your baby. As you can see, there are many different options available on the market today, including safer environmentally friendly options.

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