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How Do Babies Get Diaper Rash and How to Prevent It

Diaper rash is a common problem facing the parents of newborns and babies. It’s a good idea to know the causes of diaper rash and everything you can do to prevent it from happening, both for your child’s health and comfort.

There can be many causes of diaper rash, including any of the following:

Increased Exposure to Waste – This is probably the most common cause of diaper rash, and one to pay careful attention to. The longer your baby’s skin is exposed to their urine and stool, the more chance they will develop a diaper rash, especially if they have sensitive skin.

New Product Irritation – If you suddenly start using a new brand of diapers, baby wipes, powder, lotion or any other product that is applied directly to their skin, there is a chance your baby’s skin can develop a sensitivity or allergic reaction to the new product.

Diet Change – If you change your baby’s diet, even just to a different brand of baby food or you introduce a different liquid or snack, the content of their stool can change and cause irritation.

Antibiotics – The use of antibiotics, whether by the baby or breastfeeding mother can cause diaper rash, since the antibiotics can cause an imbalance of bacteria and lead to yeast overgrowth.

Tight Diapers or Clothing – If you tighten the diaper on your baby too much, this can cause rubbing and chafing which can cause a rash.

Infections – A baby can develop skin infections quite easily in their genital area, since yeast and bacteria love warm, moist areas. These infections can often spread.

Tips for Preventing Diaper Rash

Frequent Diaper Changes – The top way to prevent diaper rash is to make sure your child is exposed to their urine and stool for as little time as possible, therefore as soon as they need changing, change them right away.

Proper Cleaning – Make sure to give your baby frequent baths. If diaper rashes are a frequent problem for you, consider rinsing or wiping their buttocks with clean water after every diaper change and make sure to dry their bottom before putting on a new diaper. Avoid scrubbing your baby’s sensitive skin.

Proper Diapering – It’s also critical to avoid tightening the diaper too much. The diaper should be loose enough for you to fit your finger underneath it easily. This will also prevent chafing.

Use Ointments – If diaper rash is a frequent issue, consider trying an ointment that is formulated specifically for diaper rash prevention. There are ointments made of petroleum jelly and zinc oxide which have been used for many years to prevent diaper rash.

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