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$1 Off Luvs Premium Stretch Diapers with Ultra Leakguards Coupon

Toddlers need that extra protection from their diapers. Your grown baby’s active body is starting to demand more from his diaper. Luvs toddler’s diapers with ultra leakguards can do that for you. For only $32.88 for the 120 count Size 6 diapers, your baby will enjoy his days a whole lot better than before.

This exclusive price for Luvs diapers is the best deal for this product. From the regular price of $36.69, Amazon was able to bring down the list price by almost $4. What’s more, every purchase comes with free shipping and returns.
But the thing that seals the deal is this – the additional $1 coupon off for this particular diaper brand. By simply clipping the Luvs diaper coupon from the Amazon’s Coupon Center, you’ll get an additional $1 from your purchase. So the already discounted price of $32.88 is now $31.88 – that’s full value for you and your baby.

So give your baby and your pocket some extra loving. You definitely deserve the additional savings. As for your baby, nothing but the best is required. Luvs diapers come with stretch sides, leak guard core, and leg gathers. Each diaper is guaranteed to be fresh-smelling and cottony soft.

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